3 actions you can take to save money

When you are a student on a budget, it is not so uncommon to use up all your money. However, it is important to save money ESPECIALLY because you are on a budget.

You will find below three actions you can take to save some money.

1.Use public transports if you live in a city.

If you live in a city, use public transports. There really is no need to own a car in this situation. Owning a car in a densely populated area would only hurt you financially.

Think about it; you have to pay a car insurance (an average of $907.38/year in the U.S. in 2014), the gas, the eventual repairs, etc. Moreover, with the constantly increasing number of cars on the road, you would waste your gas stuck in the traffic for hours.

Public  transports are a better solution. First of all, it’s cheaper. It’s the type of transport favored by students. Second, you will be able to enjoy a nice walk to the bus stop (and thus exercise a bit!).

And the biggest advantage of public transports is the fact that they usually have their own lane. Goodbye, endless torturous hours of being stuck in a traffic under the raging sun.

2.Wash your clothes by hand.

This one is something many of you may find repellent and tedious. It’s normal, we are used to letting a washing machine do all the work for us.

Unfortunately, if you are a student, chances are you don’t own a washing machine and thus, you have to rely on communal washing machines requiring coins. And it usually is expensive. It is the case where I live. It costs me €4 to use the washing machine once (=U.S. $4,61). I have to separate colored clothes from white ones, which means an additional €4. Do this every week and you end up with €32 per month. It just isn’t worth it.

Don’t let communal washing machines steal your money. Instead, wash them by hand. It definitely is tedious, and requires a lot of efforts. But look at the positive aspects; you will exercise and get healthier, and you will save money at the same time.

Of course, it is only one of the ways to wash your clothes while saving money.

3. Don’t waste your money on a television set.

Nowadays, you can find anything you want on the Internet. You can watch anything you want on your laptop–news, cartoons, movies.

There really is no need for you to buy a television set if you are on a budget. Don’t waste $11-$20 per month for the cable TV when you have all the entertainment you need (many videos being completely free!) on your laptop and smartphone.

The same goes for video games. You don’t need a television to play video games. Many incredible games are available on PC and there are controllers made for computers.

A television remains something that is used to enjoy a movie with your family, so if you really miss your television, you can still go back to your parents during the weekends.


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