How to buy groceries without exploding your budget

Buying groceries is one of the main activities we practice throughout our lives. As a student on a budget, this is something we must not overlook, as we would otherwise waste a lot of money unnecessarily.

Unlike the time where we were kids and could ask for anything with no care in the world (as long as our parents would accept to spend money for us, of course!), you need to be more organized when you are on a budget.

It means no spontaneous and unneeded purchases. Before going  to buy groceries for the day/week/month, you have to know exactly what you are going to buy.

1. Make of list of what you need to buy.

2. Once the list is done, it’s time to use the internet to your advantage. Locate every supermarket nearby.

3. Once you’ve got a list of supermarkets nearby, use a price comparison tool. Unfortunately, items’ prices are different from one supermarket to the other. Look for the cheapest price for each item you need, then classify the items on your list per supermarkets.

Now what does it mean? It means you will buy some of your items in one supermarket, and you will buy some others in another supermarket. It sounds more tedious than buying everything in one supermarket, yes. But you can’t be difficult when you are on a budget.

However, it means in no way that you have to buy everything in one-go (for the lazy people out there). If you decide to buy your groceries over the span of a few days, just classify them by order of importance.

4. If you are in the same case as me, i.e. having a simple tiny refrigerator but no freezer, don’t waste your time stocking perishable goods such as meat. Buy those that are about to expire. They are cheaper. Just make sure to eat them as soon as possible (preferably the same day).

5. Always stay alert for discounts on non-perishable products such as toilet papers, which can be a great time to buy them in big quantities. Unlike perishable goods, those can be stocked for months and used later. Of course, don’t miss out on discounts for other types of products as well.


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