3 reasons why choosing your friends matters when you are on a budget

We make friends, we lose some, and we make some more; it’s the circle of life. Now you’ve probably heard people saying that you should choose your friends wisely, and they are right. It is even more true when you are on a budget.

It may seem a bit heartless being said like that, but you need to choose your friend carefully and dump those who are harmful to you. You can find below three reasons why you need to choose your friends wisely when you are on a budget.

1.Your friends will affect the way you behave.

Your friends will affect the way you behave, there’s no doubt about it. Now whether they will do so in a good or bad way depends entirely on the people you hang out with.

I’ve recently come across an old acquaintance with an interesting story, something he only told some of his friends. I remember him as a young man partying all the time, eating at restaurants with some friends quite a lot, and buying a lot of expensive stuff. It turns out, he was on a budget.

I was greatly shocked. He told me that the reason why he acted like he was quite wealthy was because he was afraid of what his friends would think if they knew the truth. He thought his friends would leave him if they knew he was on a budget.

He was afraid that if they knew the truth, he would become excluded and be avoided. As such, he became someone he wasn’t, and ended up regretting it later on.

If you don’t want to end up in his situation, leave people who will affect your behavior negatively. Keep the friends who will understand your situation and accept you for who you are.

2.Bad company will prevent you from developing good habits.

Hang out with the wrong people and you won’t be able to develop good habits. Unfortunately, it is crucial to develop good habits when you are on a budget. Unlike students who will party every Thursday, you will have to stay at home to save money.

But if your friends are people who don’t care about your situation, they may try to influence you into getting bad habits. Don’t let them do so. Being on a budget requires great self-discipline, sacrifices and ultimately careful and smarter spending.

If you let negative influence prevent you from getting good habits, you may end up penniless and with no one to help you. You have to develop good habits for your own sake, and if your friends can’t understand it, then they aren’t real friends to begin with.

3.You can lose a lot of money.

You can lose a lot of money if most of your friends’ lifestyle differs greatly from yours. It doesn’t have to be from a direct influence, but an indirect one.

You will want to spend time with your friends, it’s normal. But hanging out with friends when you are in college is different from hanging out with friends in middle school.

As you grow up into adulthood, hanging out with friends equals spending money. Whether it is for a cup of coffee (an average of €2.50-4.50 in France!) or shopping, your money will fade away if you hang out with people who cannot understand what it means to be on a budget.

There are many ways to spend time with friends without spending a dim, but many like to be “high class”. So be careful with whom you are hanging out; if you hang out with people who are in a similar situation (or have been!), chances are you will find a common ground and enjoy each other’s company without having to recklessly spend big amounts of money.


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