One way to use your creativity to reduce your expenses and save a few bucks

When we think about creativity, we tend to immediately think about arts and the likes. But creativity is also a great asset to help you save money. One of the ways to save money by using your creativity is through recycling.

1.Think about how you could use what you already have differently.

Before you decide to spend money on new items, ask yourself if you really need them. Look at what you currently have and think about how you could use your belongings differently.

One big problem we have is that we adopted the “specific role” mindset. I already mentioned in my previous post how this mindset compelled us to waste money unnecessarily.

Basically, we give a specific role to each of our belongings and tend to be weirded out when we use something for a different purpose than its original one.

Take the example of drinking. Imagine you have one glass and one cup. If I give you a bottle of water and forbid you to drink it straight from the bottle, what will you use? The glass or the cup?

You most likely chose the glass. It’s normal, we were raised to associate drinking water with a glass. But now, let’s take a different situation. I still give you a bottle of water and forbid you to drink straight from the bottle. However this time, you only have a cup. I tell you that if you want to use a glass, you can go buy one at the supermarket 4 hours away from here. However, you will have to use your own money. Moreover, you have to walk there because the car is out of gas. Or, you could simply use the cup instead. What will you do in that situation?

Chances are, you will use the cup. That’s right, although it may weird you out at first, using a cup instead of a glass to drink water is in no way different. They are both used to drink any liquid you pour inside. And yet, we came to give them pointless labels.

Don’t put labels on your belongings. If they can be used differently from their “original purpose”, then don’t hesitate to use them differently. That way, you won’t have to waste money unnecessarily.

2.After you use something, don’t throw it away immediately.

Before throwing away something you just finished using, think about how you could recycle it. The box of chocolate you just finished could be used to store your old pencils, your old newspapers could be used later to cover your belongings if you ever want to repaint your room.

Instead of buying a $15 pencil holder, I use an old chocolate box I got for Christmas. It’s not fancy, but it does its job correctly.

Can you imagine how much money people are wasting by throwing away objects they could reuse with a just a bit of creativity? Instead, they spend hundreds of money each year for fancy items that won’t even last a month.

Don’t fall into the fancy craze. Before throwing something away, think carefully about how you could reuse it. However, don’t forget to clean it before reusing it.

3.Think outside of the box.

So now you’ve seen how you could reuse what you have individually. But what if you can’t reuse something individually? Should you throw it away immediately?

The answer is no. This is where recycling becomes a real work of creativity. If you can’t reuse something, try to think how you could combine it to something else to create a whole new object. A simple can of soda can be turned into a candle holder or a bracelet.

Your only limit is your creativity. Don’t forget that the greater the number of objects you can work with, the greater the number of possible creations you can make.

Who knows, you may end up making the next innovation that will bring you millions of dollars.


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