Save money on food RIGHT AWAY by adopting 3 simple yet effective habits.

Food represents one of the biggest parts of your budget. But your food budget isn’t just about the products you buy in a supermarket. It also includes restaurants, cafeterias, etc.

Depending on your eating habits and various other factors, you may be spending a lot of money and it may be hurting your monthly budget. But don’t worry, you can reduce your food spendings by adopting the three following habits.

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Should you use installment payments when you are on a budget?

Whether we want to buy new clothes, a new phone or even a new plan for our blog, it’s not always easy to pay in one go without exploding our budget due to high prices. Luckily, there is an option available for those of us who don’t eat with a golden spoon: installment payment.

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5 questions to choose the perfect student accommodation

As a college student, you have the possibility to leave the familial house and start living on your own. Regardless of the reason–whether it is because of personal reasons or to seek independence–, choosing a student accommodation is a careful process that must not be taken lightly. It is even more true for students on a budget.

You will find below 5 questions you need to ask yourself to choose the accommodation that suits you the most, physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.

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Low budget means smarter spending

Low budget means smarter spending. What does it mean? In simply words, living on a low budget means that you must become more CAREFUL and SMARTER in the way you spend your money.

In other words, it means you won’t be able to spend your money thoughtlessly on everything you want. And this does not only concern superficial objects, but also basic necessities such as food.

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Rule #1: “Low budget” does not equal “poor”

The status of college student is usually associated with being poor or living on a low budget. But I would like you to draw a line here and memorize the following rule: low budget does not equal being poor.

Having to live on a low budget can indeed be tough, and may lead many to falsely believe that they are poor and very limited in their options and how much they can enjoy their life.

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