3 reasons why you need to track your expenses

Being on a budget equals tracking expenses. There is no way around it. Unlike people who can throw money out of the window, we can’t afford this luxury. But why is it so important to track your expenses?

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How to buy groceries without exploding your budget

Buying groceries is one of the main activities we practice throughout our lives. As a student on a budget, this is something we must not overlook, as we would otherwise waste a lot of money unnecessarily.

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5 ways to earn extra money

As any college student, earning money is quite important to survive through the month. Although many opt for a traditional approach by getting a part-time job, one should not overlook other possibilities.

That’s why I will give you 5 ways to earn extra money. You can pick one of them, all of them or even NONE of them; what matters is that you pick something you like.

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5 alternatives to learn something new (FOR FREE!)

Summer is here! For many, it is finally time to relax and let go of the stress they accumulated overtime, or to find a job. However, it is also the perfect time to INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE and LEARN NEW SKILLS that could help you in your professional life, or even help you make your way out of the low-budget curse.

This is why I gathered five websites where you can learn something new–five websites that I use myself. Now don’t worry, you can put away your wallet and your credit card because those websites are ALL FREE!

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Stop wasting money on unnecessary products/services

If there is one thing we all did at least once, it is to waste our money on something that was completely unnecessary. Who has never done so? The most recent example I have in mind is the trendy fidget spinner. Although I respect people’s decision to buy one, it is nothing but a waste of money (in my opinion). A fidget spinner has no meaning nor concrete usefulness whatsoever, and for an average price of $10, we can buy something more useful.

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Low budget means smarter spending

Low budget means smarter spending. What does it mean? In simply words, living on a low budget means that you must become more CAREFUL and SMARTER in the way you spend your money.

In other words, it means you won’t be able to spend your money thoughtlessly on everything you want. And this does not only concern superficial objects, but also basic necessities such as food.

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Rule #1: “Low budget” does not equal “poor”

The status of college student is usually associated with being poor or living on a low budget. But I would like you to draw a line here and memorize the following rule: low budget does not equal being poor.

Having to live on a low budget can indeed be tough, and may lead many to falsely believe that they are poor and very limited in their options and how much they can enjoy their life.

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